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The Nightmare Before Christmas Project


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The Nightmare Before Christmas Project

In 1993, one of the most iconic movies was introduced. It was called the Nightmare Before Christmas and it was filmed in stopmotion. I did not care for those type of movies, but I decided to go see it since it was a Halloween movie after all. When I came out of the theater, I remembered seeing a wonderful movie with a sense of hilarity and heart. It was all compiled so greatly, and so memorable. Years later, I started collecting LEGOs and they were very fun to me as well. LEGO sets are really fun, but I enjoy the individual building because I can build whatever I want. I stumbled upon LEGO CUUSOO and discovered that you could actually upload your builds and they could actually become a LEGO set! I thought and thought about something I could build. Then, it hit me. "Nightmare Before Christmas!" My favorite movie would be a perfect LEGO set! To me, one of the iconic parts was the Town Hall scene in which Jack introduces Christmas to the quirky citizens of Halloweentown. That was what I saw in my head and built.

The Town Hall from the Nightmare Before Christmas would make a perfect LEGO set because it's iconic, flashy and memorable. This Town Hall follows the same architecture, along with a large clock and gothic gates that open and close. The front of this set features a "Count-down Calendar" which is what the citizens use to keep track of their upcoming holiday. Inside the set, there is a podium where our skeleton protagonist can talk about Christmas and there is one row of benches so the audience can watch in awe. A light brick is included to re-enact the brief moment when the Mayor shined a spotlight on Jack in the movie. A torch and a pumpkin are placed inside the set, as well. I included minifigures JACK SKELLINGTON and THE MAYOR, because I felt that they stood out in this particular scene from the movie. This project needs 10,000 supporters if it is going to be a product. Please support this project. Don't forget to share it with Nightmare Before Christmas fans and spread the word!

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