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Added my LXF & EV3 files

Here is my current LXF & EV3 files.  If you want to peek into it, come up with some suggestions on improvement, or adding something in, let me know.


REMEMBER, you can ONLY use the parts found in the HOME / RETAIL kit.  I have my reasons!  So make sure you don't use more of a piece than exists in the set!


The EV3 program provided here simply demonstrates how the pieces move.  It moves both characters down, then up, one after the other, then calibrates the "heath needle."  You can move the needle anywhere in its physically movable range, and it will automatically set it back to perfectly vertical.  The program does NOT currently reset the figures, just the needle.


LXF File:


EV3 File:  (only a sample program, not complete by any means)



Physical model basically complete

As posted earlier, I have added a LOT of extra stuff to this model.  Im now on to the programming side of things.  Here are a few pics to get you an idea where its at now!


Slight improvements

I have since made a couple stability adjustments to the figures.  The swords are now rigid in their hands, so when they move back and forth quickly, the swords don't rotate and look dumb, or get caught on other parts of the frame or the other character.  I wanted more types of motion with the figures, but with the limited parts in the EV3 Home set, I couldn't do it.  The frame has also gotten some rigidity added.


My new concept for the health bars, is this.  Since I only have one medium motor to work with, the health meter will actually be similar to a speedometer needle in a car.  Center (vertical) will be when the match has started.  If it shifts to one side more, that will be side that's "winning" the match.  If it reaches all the way over to one side, that side will be the victor.  Exactly how I'm going to make the needle will be worked on, but so far, this is my best concept.


More pics and so on will come, as I get the time to continue this.  Hopefully in the next day or two.

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