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Epic, turn-based action battles!  Sound, animated characters, hours of play time.  Use magic, potions, powerful attacks, and defensive techniques!  Will you stand tall over your opponent, or fall to the power of evil?  Choose wisely!


This is an action set which pitches one human player versus the computer, in an arcade style, turn-based battle.  Each of the two figures in the front represents each player.  The figure on the left is the human player, and the figure on the right is the computer player.

Note, this is made from ONLY the parts in Mindstorms EV3 Home Edition set.  That way, more people can make it, without needing to buy extra parts that didnt come with the set.

Actions for your turn are chosen using the buttons and the screen on the brick.  When your ready for battle, hit the touch sensor to "confirm" and commence your turn with the actions you chose.  Each action will have a different sound effect, and the defending figure will move based on the type, strength, and effectiveness of the attack.  When defeated, the figure will lay completely flat on its back, and the winning figure will do a victory dance!


Each figure is outfitted with a large shield, and a sword!


Future notes:

I still have yet to attach the main brick in the front, add in some form of visible health meter above each figure, make the main structure more rigid, and maybe spice up the figures with a little more detail.


The longest part of this project is going to be the programming.  It took me a month or so to come up with this final concept, and actually get it built.  Im sure it will change before all is said and done, as I figure out things that can be improved, or I receive suggestions from other members.

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