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Brick County Dealership


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Th​e Dealership

I introduce my latest creation, the Brick County Dealership. It features all of the features of a real dealership! Outside, there is a parking lot where all the vehicles can be stored. In front of the building, there is a full land scape including: shrubbery, flowers, and mulch. The exterior is all light stone grey. It is loosely based off of Ford's modern style dealerships. It has a wide piece up top that says Brick County. On top of the show room, there is a sign that says Cars, Trucks, and SUV's. The exterior also features all around glass to see inside. The interior is fully detailed also. it has a big open space when you walk through the front doors. Beside the doors inside, there are flowers. To the left, there is a Ford Mustang showroom!! It has checkered tiling. Behind the showroom, there is a small office area for the manager. All vehicles in this creation are based off of Ford vehicles.


201​6 Ford F-150

 The 2016 Ford F-150 features a special XLT Sport package. It has a red metallic or new dark red paint job with black wheels and exterior features. The cabin is fully detailed with a complete dashboard, and AC vent built into it. It also has a powerful V8 engine under the hood. The truck is also in a four door or crew cab regular bed format as the short bed is just too short.
2016 Ford Expedition
The 2016 Ford Expedition also features a special package. It has the King Ranch package with all of the bells and whistles. The exterior stays true to the Expedition curves. It sports pretty Green Gem or earth green paint with beige accents. Inside, there is a fully detailed everything! With leather seats and an all custom dash including speedometer, and even a touch screen display.
2016 Ford Edge
The 2016 Ford Edge is unlike the rest. It is a dark blue with black accents. It happens to not be a special edition, just a base model. It still does have a lot of features. The exterior was definitely tough one to pull off, with fog lights and headlights. The rear will definitely get any ones attention. Inside, there is a basic black interior with speedometers and a dashboard. It even has an Eco Boost engine.

201​6 Ford Fusion

The fusion would definitely stand out anywhere it goes. With its continuous body lines, and white and black accents. The exterior is also basic. Interior features are, four black cloth seats, and a set of speedometers with a complete dashboard. Under the hood, is a Ford Eco Boost engine.
201​6 Ford F-450
The 2016 Ford F-450 will definitely make a statement wherever you drive it. Featuring the Limited package, it is definitely one of the nicest trucks on the market. It is gloss black with light grey or chrome accents everywhere! It has extended tow mirrors for any job anywhere. With a powerful 6.7 Liter Power Stroke under the hood, any thing can be hauled with this beast. It is in the four door or crew cab long bed format. The interior is really nice with light grey seats and dashboard. It has a set of speedometers, and an AC vent in the dashboard.
2016 Ford Mustang GT350R!
The best for last, the 2016 Ford Mustang GT350R! This car is a must for any muscle car lover. With a powerful V8 engine hooked to a five speed manual transmission, who would not want one! It even has it's own showroom in this dealership so it can shine on glory alone! The front stays true to the new Mustang look. It has a red 1x1 in the grille to represent the GT350R symbol. The rear has a spoiler and quad tips just like the real one! The interior is also fully detailed! With four black bucket seats, and a set of speedometers with a dashboard. It is in Lego's rare Metallic dark grey.
This set contains a whopping 1,671 pieces, and would sell somewhere in the $160 US currency range.
Thank you all for supporting. This was my hardest creation to date, and a big Thank You to Lego Bricker for the help he gave. Let's make this dream a reality!


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