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Kirby Brickheadz


This is a brickheadz model of Kirby. Kirby is the star of a long-running video game series which also spawned a spin-off TV series. Kirby can inhale (eat) opponents and then copy their powers. Kirby's form is not quite humanoid but I thought it close enough to attempt a brickheadz model and I think it turned out quite well. I have also included pictures of four of Kirby's copy abilities; Fire, Stone, Sword, and Cutter. I am preposing these copy abilities as possible extras in the set. I leave it to Lego to decide whether to include detachable copy abilities or not, and the which ones (if it gets to 10,000 supporters).

I decided to create this model as I felt it would be a unique brickheadz model. I think this would make a good Lego set because it's a unique brickheadz model based on a popular character.

The Stone and Fire copy abilities were added on the request of other Lego Ideas users. Feel free to suggest even more additional copy abilities for me to add

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