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VX-01: Earth's Front Line Defense

In year 30XX, Earth has become a part of universe society. Interaction between humans and aliens are nothing new. Humans has been able to living peacefully with aliens. Or at least, that's what we thought. Among all of aliens living in the universe, there are still some being who can't accept their current relationship with humans. Thinking that humans doesn't deserve more than being a pet or a livestock, they will try to attack Earth and start a war. In order to prevent that, all goverments on the planet Earth united and started "Project Victory X". The purpose is to build a weapon that able to protect Earth. and thus, VX-01 was born.

VX-01 is a one-pilot mech that's build to defend the Earth from aliens attack. The body are build using Chromanium, the strongest steel that can withstand any attack. This mech has 12 articulation points and armed with a pair of rotating laser beam in its shoulder, and a pair of laser gun in its arm, which can also used as a tonfa for close combat.

On VX-01's back, double-rocket engine is planted to give VX-01 ability to fly and maneuvering on space. the rocket engines are connected with ball joints, so the angle can be adjusted.

This is VX-01's cockpit. The cockpit can be opened for the pilot to come in and out. VX-01 cockpit can only fit for one pilot, so only a chosen and very experienced pilot are allowed to ride on it.

This is a size comparison between VX-01 and the pilot. As you can see, VX-01 is pretty big.

this set consist of less than 200 part counts, about 170 parts. therefore, if this idea were to be produced, LEGO could release it with a pretty fair and affordable price.

That is all about this project. if you like it, plese support it.

Thank You.

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