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The 13 Bricks City Challenge


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Is "micro" still popular? I don't know, but I did had some fun making this micro-city.

Especially when I gave myself an extra challenge: use only 13 types of bricks! And: one brick one color.

So, here it is: my micro-city. With a lot of architecture, based on only 13 types of LEGO-bricks. You'll notice some houses, food stores, offices, a shopping-mall, a monastery and several bridges.

The build eventually consists of a total number of 1181 bricks and weights a little over 600 grams, according to Bricklinks' Studio. But this city might not be finished. There's a whole cliff behind the monastery that we could build on. And the bridges might lead us to new city-islands. Who knows?

Please help me support this idea. Let me know what you think about this "13" challenge. Is "micro" still popular, these days? Do you have any suggestions for new architecture techniques with these 13 bricks? Please let me know, in the comments below.

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