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This is my Motor Home. It is as close to the real thing as you can get it, size and everything. It has full functioning slide outs, and doors, easy access to the living space. It is mini figure scale, as you can see in the pictures. I think this would be a good set, cause its a good shelf product, and a very good toy as well, how I know this,is because I have three younger brothers, and they played with it for hours, just driving it around, stopping, opening the slide outs, and closing them (which is surprisingly, lots of fun) and moving there mini figure around the RV just cooking eggs or some thing, and there not babies, one of them is 10 years old and the others 8 an 6. And me. I think its a really cool thing to have on my shelf all the slide outs, out just makes it look authentic and cool. 

Well I'm just gonna let pictures say the rest.


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