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Galactic Spearhead


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40 years ago, LEGO set their sights on the stars and launched into the imaginations of children across the world with their space sets.  Since then, these classic space sets have remained very popular among LEGO fans, myself included.

The Galactic Spearhead is the newest cutting-edge ship for galactic explorers.  The model is inspired by a much larger model featured in an unreleased LEGO book from1984.  It features a fully staffed bridge/conference room, a research lab, a cargo bay, two engineering rooms, and a hangar.  The interior is fully accessible and functional, with plenty of room to play!  The hangar can fit a small scout ship, and you can also launch four probes from the same level.  I rally tried hard to make the entire model packed with details and fun bits to mess around with.  Really just something I would have dreamed of having as a kid (and now).