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Ninjago Tournament of Elements 2- Skylor's Dragon


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Changes from show to concept

  • Zane is not silver.
  • Pixel Reeves is not in Zane's head.
  • Nya is a ninja already.
  • Chen is now Skylor's brother.
  • Clouse is not in the concept (when Skybound comes it will be Kapau who finds the Teapot of Tyhran)


This set is of Skylor's Dragon (not in the show, but in my made-up Tournament of Elements), which means I have cancelled Kai vs. Karloff. The set includes 512 pieces and 4 minifigures (read "minifigures" for more information. In pictures 1 and 2, you see the set and its functions.


In photo 3, you see I have 4 figures. I chose Skylor because it is her dragon. I chose Kai because he has a crush on Skylor. I chose Chen because he is now Skylor's brother and archrival. And I chose Chop'rai for no reason.

This is Death Gordon, signing off.

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