Product Idea

Justice Courtroom

Objection, Your Honour!

Recreate all the dynamic action of the TV courtroom dramas in your own bedroom!

Present evidence to refute the claims of the prosecution. Cross-examine the witness and discover the truth. Defend your client from the fear of jail. It's all up to you! Will a surprise piece of evidence come to light? What does the witness have to say? And will the judge give you a not-guilty verdict? 

This set will include:

Minifigures x4 (Defense attorney, Prosecutor, Witness and Judge)

Witness stand

Jury stands

Courtroom doors

Defense/Prosecution bench

Judge's bench

The set contains 674 pieces and is a great addition to any city - extend the story of that robber caught at the bank!

Please support this project. Thank you.

P.S. This courtroom was based upon the one from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. If it advances to the review stage, it might be an idea for Lego to consider releasing this set branded as a Phoenix Wright set.