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They Might Be BrickHeadz


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Not to put too fine a point on it, say I'm the only bee in your bonnet, build a LEGO birdhouse in your soul!

A staple of music's geekier side, Brooklyn's very own ambassadors of love, They Might Be Giants, are the perfect subjects for LEGO immortalisation. This pack includes both Johns for your hall of BrickHeadz, turning back the hands of time to their appearances in the Birdhouse In Your Soul music video. Flans is looking classy in his suit and tie, whilst Linnell rocks that trademark turtleneck sweater. Prosthetic foreheads, however, are not included.

These wicked little crittaz come complete with a brick-built blue canary, whilst Flans and Linnell carry their guitar and microphone, respectively. 

Imminent additions to this project will include Linnell's accordion, and the option for his brown hairpieces to be interchanged for a purple toupee. 

So take your hand out of the puppet head, and make a click with a mouse perpendicular to the button marked "support".

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