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The Lighthouse at Craggy Rock


The Story

Captain Winston Burleigh, a retired naval officer, had always wanted to live by the sea.  His home was inland and when he retired, he really missed the sound of the waves, the smell of the fresh salty air and the wonderful sight of the sun setting on the horizon.

During his many years out at sea, he would sometimes pass the lighthouse and had always admired its colourful stripes. When the lighthouse became decommissioned and was put up for sale, he made sure he was the first to view it. He put in an offer the same day, which was promptly accepted and he couldn’t wait to get started on the refurbishment.

He thoroughly enjoys each and every day living there with his dog Scamp and the pretty white cat, who showed up at the door one day and made the lighthouse her home. Winston and Scamp bonded with her instantly and called her Maggie.

The build

I started with the lighthouse then built the cliff afterwards. The dark turquoise colour is a favourite of mine and when I saw the curved bricks, I decided that was the colour for the lighthouse. It was a fairly straightforward build and I really enjoyed designing the interiors. It was a bit challenging to fit everything in to such small and awkward spaces, but I think I’ve managed to get most things in. The sea had to be a dark blue because standard blue and medium azure clashed with the turquoise.

I wanted to hinge the back so that it could be opened whilst sat in position, but the hinge plate would have ruined the curved shape, so I decided just have the back as a separate part and to lift the whole lighthouse off the base so it can be viewed properly.

A crab and a seagull finish the build off perfectly.

The idea

It’s a fact… I love lighthouses! Every time I visit a seaside town and when I’m on holiday, I’m always on the lookout for lighthouse ornaments and I have quite a few in my possession. I own most of the official Lego lighthouse sets and they’re all great, but I wanted to design one that was simple and without a theme attached (such as haunted or an ice cream shop!). It also had to sit high on the rocks to really show it in its natural setting.

I personally couldn’t live in a lighthouse… too many stairs!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed viewing the project, and if so, please vote for it to become an official set.

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