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Train Station


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This is my interpretation of a typical smaller train station, which has been modified over many years of use. I always liked this style very much, so I gave it a shot at it.



As you can see the building itself is built in an older style, while inside there are modern features. This includes some of the windows being replaced by walls, without removing the window elements on the facade. I really like this mixed up style of an old building, which has seem some changes for modern needs.

The station features a removable roof complete with a clocktower.

 On the inside the model features:

- an information center with desk, printers and screens and a removable ceiling

- sanitary installments, also with removable ceiling. (The idea was, as with the information center, that those got installed later, but the train company decided to put in some standard sized intallations instead of building some custom made solutions to match the height of the actual ceiling of the station.

- a schedule and a ticket machine

- a few locker boxes

- a pattern floor, which is not complete were new installments were made. This was intended to live up to the old but modified style.

On the outside you will find:

- some "metal" made benches on the platform, along with garbage bins, two ticket cancellers and lights mounted at the platform roof. I also added in a white line at the edge of the platform, to prevent any travellers from falling onto the rails.

- At the front side you have of course the staircase to the main entrance, two lanterns, an additional garbage bin and bicycle stands.

The model consists of 2965 parts and its 64 studs wide and 48 studs long. It stands on two 32 x 32 ground plates and two 16 x 32 ground plates.


I hope you enjoy this model!

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