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Radiator Springs 500 & 1/2 (OFF ROAD)


Welcome to the Radiator Springs 500 1/2!

After being challenged by a group of Baja racers, Lightning McQueen takes on an off road race of the likes that have never been seen before!

Following Mater's directions you will take a left at the split canyons. Not right, left. If you said left you were right. If you go right you're wrong, because you left the trail. So left is right, okay??

This set idea would include an off road scene, built on a 16x16 base, that can be attached or swapped with other scenes. Here I've built a desert scene and forest scene. Each scene has a "you are here" map This could easily be sold as a large set or many smaller "scenic" sets that can be joined.

I'm hoping to update with more scene ideas, along with more racers, in a few weeks.

Support for Mater! 

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