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Marvel's Iron Man "Hall Of Armor"



The perfect way to display all those Iron Man Mini-Figures! The Hall of Armor. Tony Stark is constantly making new designs and upgrades to make his Iron Man suits better and handle different situations. He can't just leave all that shiny new tech laying around, and that why he built these containment cells for his armor. Not only does the "Hall of Armor" display his collection with pride, it also protects and monitors his equipment.  

Set includes about 500 pieces, with a slide out base for easy access to the armors. Flat plates on top for Armor Titles, like Mark I, Mark II, ect. This set is a necessity for any Lego Creator that is a Marvel fan. Not only is it a good stand alone piece to display the Iron Man armor, it can be added to a Creators custom Avenger Tower, or combined with more armor displays.

Become Tony Stark and start collecting the high tech armor and get ready for your own "House Party Protocol"!

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