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The Insects


Hello to everyone!

I would like to present you my new project of insects’ models.

This set includes 5 insects well known around the world.

They are: a grasshopper, a morpho butterfly, a lady bug, a bee, and a rhinoceros beetle.


Building this models I tried to pay lots of attention to their realistic look* wanting to create a collectable set for biology and live nature amateurs. So all the insects of the set got their natural colors and poses. Besides flying insects hiding their wings under the armor (a lady bug and rhinoceros beetle) got a feature to open the armor and outspread their wings for fly.

So I think my set will be three in one: playable, educational and collectable an every of this three categories of people will find their own interest in it.

*Not all the details colored in natural for this or that insect color, but I hope that it won’t be problem for the whole natural looking.

Support my set if you like insects or LEGO or them both=)

Thanks for your attention =)