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Robo Explorers and Alien Bone Munchers


   This is an original creation of mine. It includes two robot space explorers and monsterous, slimy alien foes who stand in their way of the crystals they need to gather for examination. The space explorer's crystal storage cylinder can even double as a containment cell for the Bone Munchers and their queen. It's a fun set, even if the only reason you like it is because it would be a cool addition to your Lego space collection. But this set can even stand on it's own; it has a unique storyline that lets you play the story without needing to add on other sets, and there is even leeway to make up your own story. This set is perfectly designed so that you can go either way. Plus, all of the characters are just really cool. Please support this, and if you do I'll support your creations. Thanks for your support. 

   P.S., sorry Lego for resubmitting this without making changes. I hope the changes I have made now are enough for your approval. Thanks.


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