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Megalodon Giant Shark


This build is the long exstinct (we think) Megalodon shark, which is 1083 pieces including the base plate.

This build is 74 studs long and if you consider each Lego stud as one foot in the real world this Megladon would mesaure about 74 feet in length I estimate. As you can see a mini figure for scale in the lead shot and if you open its mouth you can fit a good dozen mini figures in there, which in size comparison looks like a hand full of tick tacks in its massive lower jaw.

They lived from about 23 million years ago to about 2.4 million years ago according too most main stream scientists but who really knows for sure.

Kingdom: Animalia 

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Chondrichthyes

Order: Lamniformes

Family: Otodontidae 

Genus: Carcharocles 

Species: C. megalodon 

His upper jaw is hinged as is the fins in two locations.

Thanks as always for the view and or vote!

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