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Segways 2.0 ( Stable )

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Segway project upgrated.
A set of 4 different types of segways.
From the left, a police segway. and the handlebar function also as his baton. the lady is on a city segway. and the texan guy on a countryside segway. And the wall street banker on a black office/city segway.
They have increased wheel size ti make space for the extra 2x2 plate made of iron for stabalizition.

Seen with the small tires and therefore missing the stabalizors.

Assembly guide, and how to create the wheel.

in the girl picture: the handlebar should ne made in white. the two 2x2 plate should be made of iron ( for stabalizing )
police picture: the 2x2 plate, the 1x2 W. STICK, ANGULAR PLATE 1.5 BOT. 1x2 1/2 should be made of iron ( for stabalizing )
cowboy picture: the BEARING ELEMENT 2x2 2/3 and the SLEDE SHOE ROUND 2X2 should be made of iron ( for stabalizing )
The wallstreet guy: The 2 2X2 PLATE´S should be made of iron ( for stabalizing )
as seen in the green picture with tires, tires have increased by 25.30 % in diameter, but the hole for rims are same seize as it is the same wide.

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