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Mini4WD ULTRA Motorized Racer

Some trends never fade away, and Mini4WD is one of those trends that has been flourishing in Asia since the 80s. These fast and furious race cars are easy to build and quick out of the box for beginners, and at the same time, customizable to the Nth degree for the experts!

This Mini4WD-style motorized LEGO re-recreation comes with everything you need to get started! It comes with 4WD, differential gearbox front and back, Power Function rechargeable battery box and a large motor! You can easily access the battery for charging and turning it on and off behind one of the side panels. Did I mention new colour pieces for that personalized taste? Imagine the customizations you can do with LEGO! 

  • 392 pieces
  • Power Functions Motors 9V L 
  • Power Functions 9V Rechargeable Battery
  • 4WD with differential gearbox (Front and Back)
  • Side rollers
  • 15 studs wide, 33 studs length, 12 studs height
  • Can fit into a 16 studs wide track! (Not Included)

Thank you for checking out this project!

*Rendered in Stud .io without the cable between the motor to the battery box.

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