Saber Rider And The Star Sheriffs - Steed

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One of my old favorite TV Shows in the 80´s was Saber Rider And The Star Sheriffs.
It has inspired me to draw Pictures and to build LEGO modells.
This year I started building the vehicles of the Show that was loved a lot and without the Star Sheriffs never could win the fight against the Outrider!
Here is my own made Version of the Robothorse Steed from the Star Sheriff Saber Rider!
Steed is fully made of LEGO and has a lot of Detail and some functions that are identic to the original Steed in the Series.

This is my third Project on LEGO CUUSOO and I hope that under the other LEGO builders are more Saber Rider Fans as myself, that ever had wished a model of Steed.

Let´s see how much interest this model will find!

Steed has 27 articulation Points and can be posed.
His mouth can be opened by a small Joint in his head.
(Please don´t mention the missing swiss cross on his chest. I coulnd´t make one on time.)

He has a lot of Details that are known from the series.

Steed has a Stand to pose him.