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The Train Station


New features added!!

Hi! I have some new updates for my project--The Train Station. Let's check it out...

  • 'Mind The Platform Gap' sign

This sign is very important for the train passengers safety.

  • Announcement speaker

 How if the passengers fell asleep?? This is the reason why I added an announcement speaker. This speaker placed above the glass wall.

  • Ticket counter

The passengers need a ticket to ride the train. Where's the only one place for the passengers to buy tickets? The ticket counter! I've forgotten it! So that's why I added a small ticket counter that can fit one minifigure inside. This counter facilitated with a door on the left and a small hole for ticket purchasing.

  • Light sources

I've added 2 lights for this train station: one at the top of the ticket counter and the other one above the glass wall.

  • New modified platform

In the previous version of the train station, the platform looked crumple. I've modified the platform and I hope you will like it more. Please give another comment if you think the platform is still ugly...

  • Added minifigure

Because the ticket counter need a worker inside, I've added one more minifigure as the ticket seller. So we got 6 minifigure for this project.

  • The base

You might be curious with the train station base. Let me show you an image from the bottom...

So that's the first update of my project--The Train Station

--Thank You--


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