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The Train Station


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Hi, this is my new project--The Train Station!

I myself have been building this for 2 hours of hard work and think hard. You might want to know the process of making this project.

First, I build the base. The base was made up of 2x10 dark grey plates and 2x8 dark grey plates. I also used 2x4 plates, 4x4 plates and some slope-shaped bricks. In this step, I also build a escalator.

Second, I build a big glass wall with 2 blue chairs and 3 grille plates. I also build a clock made up of a round plate with a sticker I made by myself.

Third, I build a coffee counter with some color variations like: yellow, grey, transparent grey, white, black, light green, red and brick yellow. The counter indicated by a big display for 2 cups of coffee and a big coffee maker.

Fourth, I build the roof to cover the station. This roof was made up of several white plates and blue plates and also an angular plate with a train logo sticker I made my myself.

Fifth, I made a hanged timetable with a sticker I made by myself.

Sixth, I build a train station sign with a sticker I made by myself.

Seventh, I build a crossed plates with traffic lights for the vehicles that would like to pass the rail. I also build a small construction area with a construction guy handling his driller.


So that's how I build the station. The building of this station got a lot of planning before. It's all started with our own imagination. Then, I have to think how the model might looked like. And, I picked up my bricks and start to build. A good creation must have a good color blend. This train station got yellow, white, gray, blue, black and green. I also made stickers for decorations by myself.

I can't place the pictures here because it always came to an error when I try to save my work. For the pictures of this projects, you can see them at the top of this description text.


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