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Conquest Of The Skies

Following the invention of the Wright Flyer in 1903, allowing humanity to soar through the air, we have sought to become masters of the skies above us, as we once did with our vast oceans centuries ago.

This Ideas submission aims to capture the early days of our conquest of the air as we were still getting to grips with our newfound wings. It contains two medium-scale models of two legendary vehicles from aviation's early years, the classic RAF Sopwith Camel and the striking bright red Fokker Dr.I triplane, both flying majestically above the ground below, locked in a battle over control of the air, a deadly dance high in the sky. These two planes were both instrumental in the development of aircraft technology and still instantly recognizable to this day.

Each detailed plane comes with a pilot minifigure that can be seated in the cockpit, as well as a stand that also serves as a mini diorama of the ground underneath them.