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Patlabor AVS-98 Economy Action Figure


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Patlabor AVS-98 Economy Version

The letter “S” stands for “Standard”, as AV-98 Ingram is specialized for Japanese Police Department to use, a standard economy version AVS-98 is being made for general public in the market by Shinohara Heavy Industry.

The access to the cockpit is different from AV-98 Ingram, the hatch door is actually on top of the torso underneath the head monitor.  A big windscreen glass is installed for the pilot to view outside from the cockpit.

I created the Shinohara exhibition booth scene in the Labor Exhibition featured in the Patlabor TV series Episode 31 and it was really fun.  It is a nice display with the Shinohara Booth background setup, and the robot itself is fully articulated and featured with the accessible cockpit, to make this robot being very playable action-figure and able to make different poses.  

Here I made a video for my AVS-98 Economy in my Youtube Channel as well:

Hope you will enjoy Patlabor Lego set as much as I do!


Josh Lee