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LEGO® Game: Warriors


To win this game you have to build your WARRIORS till everyone is completed.

Each Minifigure consists of five parts:

1) Hat/Helmet
2) Head
3) Body
4) Legs
5) Weapon

There is a sixth symbol on the dice - the LEGO Logo - which is the joker.


You have to build up your WARRIORS faster than your opponent.

The youngest player begins to throw the dice.

To start you have to dice the legs or the joker, if you dice something different you can not move on and it´s the next players turn.

You always have to build up your WARRIORS in order:

1st - Legs
2nd - Body
3rd - Head or Weapon
4th - Hat or Weapon

You are only allowed to roll the dice once per round.

If you have two legs and you dice a body or joker you can choose on which legs you place the body, if you dice something different it´s the next players turn.


The first player who finished building up his WARRIORS is the winner.

[ IDEA ]

Based on an idea by Maurice Radomski ( ).


More Themes can be available such as:

- Kingdoms
- City (Police & Fireman)
- StarWas (License needed)
- StarTr
k (License needed)
- Lord Of The Rngs (License needed)
- Harry P
tter (License needed)
- etc.


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