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The Gateway Arch



If you want to SUPPORT, I suggest using a desktop or tablet. It is easier and much faster for you.

     1.  Create a LEGO ID 

  • Click the "Login" button on the top right corner of the screen and click on "GET YOUR OWN LEGO ID."
  • Fill in the information, including a Username, e-mail, and password (They will not spam and you can unsubscribe any time).
  • After this, it should bring you back to the LEGO IDEAS website.

     2.  Create a LEGO IDEAS Account

  • Click the "I don't have a CUUSOO account" button.
  • Check the box to accept.
  • Click the "Don't import a CUUSOO account" button. (You will not be able to complete this step on a mobile phone at this point. Use an tablet or desktop.)

​     3.  Confirm your e-mail and login to LEGO IDEAS

     4.  Support!

  • Click on the blue box on the right side of the screen that says "Support"
  • Complete the survey about the idea.
  • Done!

Thank you for supporting, friends!


1000 Views Already??!! Nice!!

Way To Go People!! We already made it to 1k views! That is awesome!

Keep sharing this idea! Its a wonderful monument and a fun set to build! And, if YOU want to possibly build it in the future, create a LEGO ID and LEGO IDEAS account and support!

Happy building friends!


Nearly 1000 views!!!

This build is EXPLODING in views and shares for its first week! Keep sharing it on social media! Almost 1k views already!

FACT: this is the first and only LEGO arch on LEGO Ideas so far!

FACT: It is the smallest LEGO build of the Gateway Arch that still features it's triangular and parabolic shape. 

FACT: If you support this build, you are one step closer to buying it on the shelf yourself in the future!

Please support, and if you choose not to, share it with your friends! Tweet it, Facebook it, Instagram it! Make it go viral!

Happy building my friends!


Support! 850 Views!

Big thanks to all who have viewed and especially to those who are supporting. We are reaching nearly 850 views in 4 DaysThat is Awesome!

To those who view... it only takes a few moments to set up a LEGO ID and LEGO IDEAS account, plus... no spam. Don't be afraid to support, we can't make it possible without you! So sign up and support today, or share the link with others and show some civic pride. YOU make the Gateway Arch a LEGO Creation!

To those who have supported, again thank you! Please tell others and share with them your own creations, as well as those who you support!

Have a great day friends and Happy Building!

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