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The Gateway Arch


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The Gateway Arch was completed by May of 1968. Designed by Architect Eero Saarinen, this building of stainless steel and concrete rises 630 feet tall and spans 630 feet wide. The Gateway Arch also narrows as it reaches the top, giving it stability. This National Monument can sway almost a foot at the top, and tourists can experience this sensation after a gondola ride inside the Arch to the viewing area on top, where they can overlook the city and the neighboring Mississippi River. The Gateway Arch, Home to the City of Saint Louis, Missouri of the United States, is historically symbolic of the Westward expansion of the country, nicknaming the structure "The Gateway to The West."

This LEGO build is very unique to most LEGO builds, featuring the triangular and curved shape. From mid-base to mid-base and top to bottom, the LEGO Gateway Arch measures 32 studs by 32 studs, proportional to the Gateway Arch's 630 ft by 630 ft measurement. This LEGO build includes all of these details yet manages a small size and low piece count. With 436 pieces, it still captures the essence of the Gateway Arch and gives a fantastic LEGO tribute to the true Architect who designed it.

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