Product Idea

1949 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible

The 1949 Cadillac Series Sixty-Two, a massive "land-yacht" by today's standards, was an entry-level personal luxury vehicle. It was meant to be affordable, yet exquisite. Weighing in at up to 5000 pounds, they were definitely a comfortable car, with the ride of a large sea vessel. Another notable feature was the overhead valve V8 engine, considered a marvel of engineering at the time.

The photos show that this LEGO model has opening doors, hood and trunk. Under the hood is a detailed V8 engine including exhaust manifolds, an air-cleaner, realistic cylinder heads, a radiator, and a jug of radiator fluid attached to the firewall. The interior has door panels, seats with square cushions ( a good use of "brick bricks" ), accelerator and brake pedals, a steering wheel ( with a steering column and gear shift attached ) and a detailed dashboard. The giant trunk includes a full sized spare tire, just like the actual vehicle. Exterior details include metal rock-catchers near all four wheels, a large "egg-carton" grille, chrome hubcaps and all of the lights and safety items which are on the real car. On the front, sides and rear of the car, there are large old-fashioned bumpers and metal trim.