Adventure:Temple of the Undead

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Join action hero Johnny Adventure and his two sidekicks, the young cook Chase Bakers and the smart (but tough) archaeologist Miss Mary Archea.

This time, the trio are taking their speed-boat to the unexplored Vile Islands in search of the Treasure of the Undead Temple! After avoiding a booby-trap and a treacherous pass across a crocodile-infested river in the tropical jungle, they arrive at the temple to find a huge treasure chest of riches! But as soon as they remove it from the pedestal, the skeleton-warriors around them come to life! Will they escape the island or become part of the temple?

This set includes three minifigures and 6 animals.

-Johnny Adventure, with his trusty sword and cowboy hat!
-Miss Mary Archea, with her ancient dagger and binoculars!
-Chase Bakers, with his cooking pot and supply pack.

-2 Stinging Ants
-2 Sea Turtles
-2 Crocodiles

Johnny Adventure's speed boat includes a weapon and equipment rack, a map and newspaper with viewing table, life-jackets, controls, and a flag.

-Tommy Gun
-Distress Radio

The central section of the play set includes a hidden booby-trap (visible next to the 1x2 plate in the center of the screen), a rope bridge spanning a river, and both rocky and tropical jungle detailing.

The temple itself features both large stone skulls and extra skeletons as details. The temple also has microfigures as the base of the columns supporting the collapsing temple roof.

Originally I had spider webs across the temple, but I decided that that was too much and instead worked on detailing the rest of the temple.

I may create more sets like this one in the future, so keep a look out!