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Space Droid XL - SP081

What is it?
It’s a mobile unit based on the 1986 SP081 droid feature in the Minifigure Pack.
The robot houses two detachable units, a rover and a hover ship. Both kept inside the body of the robot. Also, two rockets on the back of the robot.
The head is the control cabin of the robot. The sides of the head open to reveal sensors.
The arms of the robotic unit are movable, and the hands can grab and pick up rockets or specialized tools.

Why did you build it?
It’s a design exercise to create giant versions of LEGO pieces. Making an eight times larger adaptation of the droid.

Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
It’s an excellent way to homage both, the SP081 droid and the iconic Robot Command Center, since the robot has the features of that set.

Better arms, gun, drone, comunication device...
Upgrade on the arms to being able to use tools. The sides of the robot's head open to reveal a communication dish and a drone.
Redesign of the two vehicles.
Now both, the flyer and rover are airlocked vehicles.

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