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Functional Yo-Yo Lego Set:


Functional Yo-Yo Lego Set:
Ages 5-adult                               139 PIECES

            I'm sure you have bounced a Yo-Yo before in your life, and you may have used a stunt Yo-Yo before. But have you ever thought of using one built out of Lego? Now you can! And the best part is, instead of having to buy separately the Stunt Yo-Yo and the Regular Yo-Yo, they come all in one. This set is designed to be able to adjust from a regular yo-yo to a stunt yo-yo with just one knot. Nice and small, beautiful design, and totally functional, this set is a great toy for any child or adult who enjoys playing with a Yo-Yo!

Thank you very much for possibly supporting my set!

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