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Doctor Who


Hello all,

Doctor Who is something I always wanted to see in Lego form. This version is from the modern Doctor Who series (2005-2013).

In this idea I am proposing the blue 1960s police box, with two settings, as well as the Tardis interior. One of the settings is a walkway, with a little junkyard in the back, in which you can place the Tardis. The other setting is a futuristic hallway with a little spot to fit the Tardis. I had the idea of one setting taking place in the past and/or present, and the other taking place in the distant future. The futuristic interior has more space to fit characters than the other setting. Then there is the Tardis interior. The Tardis interior includes a console, a chair for the doctor's companions to sit while the doctor controls the Tardis. There are two layers of the platform of the Tardis interior. The middle separates the two platforms with a pipe, and a connection piece for stairs.

The characters include:

-The ninth doctor

-The tenth doctor

-The eleventh doctor

-Rose Tyler

-Clara Oswald

-The Master



-The Vashta Nerada

-The empty child

I hope you like my Lego Doctor Who proposal.