Lego Antiquity-Collection 01-The Gladiator School

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Lego Antiquity includes sets based on this historic age.

We have designed many Lego Antiquity Sets basing on Roman Society, Slaves and Gladiators, but also on Troy and Egypt. If you have all the sets you can build up a roman area with Villas, Arenas, Cisterns,....
Every Child and Adult likes Gladiators, Romans, Barbarians and etc.
And Lego Antiquity contains all these things.

Collection: A collection is a group of sets basing on the same theme (For example all the sets containing roman society, Gladiators,... are from collection one)

The first Set of collection one is a Gladiatorschool in connection with a rich roman's villa. The slaves rebel against their masters under the command of Spartacus. The roman soldiers try to stop the rebellion.

The Villa and the Gladiator's area can be separated, so that you can see and play with the Gladiator's bathroom and their cells.

The villa can be opened so that you can play inside. On the lower floor is a large hall with ancient Roman pillers and in the middle is a fountain. On the upper floor are a bathroom, a sleeping room, a room for the Medicus, a room for the women slaves, a table with a chessboard, a room with two beds, a room with a small desk with food on it and an office of a rich Roman. In front of the gate are two Gladiatorstatues. The Gladiators have a courtyard where they can train. There is also a small catapult.

The set includes 13 minifigs. Five Gladiators (one of them is probably Spartacus), three women slaves, the Medicus, two rich Roman and two different Roman soldiers. There are also plenty accessoires: ten shortswords, a trident, a whip, three cherries, four apples and six golden cups.

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