Product Idea

Artists' Coffee - Modular

Artists' Coffee - Modular

I love Modular, I see them as an evolution of the sets I love, of the City, and also of the beautiful Legoland, of my childhood and of my memories. I am always fascinated by all the cures and wonderful ideas that I find in them. That's why today I wanted to create my own modular: the artists' coffee. This modular corner that I see is set in the Paris of artists, in a small street as full of creations and artists from all over the world ...

Inside, in addition to admiring paintings from all over the world, there is a stage where poets and writers can play in front of an audience. A small counter provides drinks to guests, and behind a rocking wall there is a secret room, where there are precious objects, rare beauty and an equally illicit origin. After all, we know that artists should not be considered trustworthy ...

On the upper floor, accessible by an external staircase, there is a creative workshop where painters, sculptors and musicians freely create and play a space dedicated to them. At the end of the roof, accessible by an internal ladder that arrives in a skylight, there is a botanical garden, where to cultivate the passion for flowers and plants, looking at the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, or the Notre-Dame Cathedral .. .

Have fun and good creations!