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Classic Neo Space Space Gals



I know I haven't done much to this project, so I'll let it expire but don't worry, I'll re upload this project when it expires. Untll then Brick on



Betty here is the leader of the Space Gals set. Her Blue space suit is based off of the Intergalactic Girl Minifigure from the Minifigures 6 series. Her helmet is classic styled with yellow vizer, and she as an alternate face.



LDD to POV and New minifigs

I halved redid this set with LDD to POV And I made a new male Purple minifigure named Hank, and I redid Ned.



X-502 Moth

The X-502 Moth is a small single seated starfighter that can combine on top of the X-500 Speedstar. The X-502 is equipped with 2 Q-80 Super rocket engines and 2 A-39 Mini rocket engines on each side of it's wing that can make the moth go faster than the X-500, also it has 2 Z-3 lazer cannons and 4 plazma missiles.



Thanks for 40 supporters

Thank you for 40 supports


New Character Ned

I halved created a new male character for this set. His name is Ned. The reason I made a male character for this set because someone suggested that I consider making two male spacemen and two female spacewomen, just to balance out the genders a bit, But I just added 1. I Added some new pics of my set and Ned himself.


More Info

Alright so this set I halved remade comes with 648 Brick pieces. The X-502 Moth has BRICK 2X8 - Medium Stone Grey pieces to fit on top of the X-500 Speedstar's 4 PLATE 1X4 W. 2 KNOBS - Black pieces on the back of the Speedstar so it can combine together.


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