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Classic Neo Space Space Gals


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The Classic Neo Space Gals is a set I made with Lego DIgital Designer. This Set comes with 4 spaceships, a moon buggy, and 4 female Minifigures, The names of the female astronaugts are Betty (Bule), Janet (Aqua), Rita (Pink), and Alice (Grey). The Colors of this set is sort of a classic style space sets from the 1980's but I added some black paint on some pieces so it could be awesome. The Moon buggy is a one seat space vehicle with 2 rocket engines to make it go faster than any automobile.


The large spaceship is called the X-500 Speedstar, it is the fastest ship in the galaxy. It's a two seat ship and it is equipped with 2 R-5000 Rocket Engines. It is also a starfighter only to take down some evil aliens and space pirates.It is equipped with missiles and lazer cannons. It's top speed is 5,000,000 miles per hour


The other 2 spacecraft combine with the X-500 in one of the the pic are XYZ-501 Lancers, they have the same speed as the X-500. And the Last black ship is called the X-502 Moth. The moth can fold it's wing up and down, and it can combine on top of the X-500. (I would halved had the pic to the Moth combined to the Speedstar, but I accidentally delete my set by mistake. There are the only pics I have for this set.)

If this set is approved those spaceships would have to be separated just to lower the price. the X-500 Starspeeder with Betty would cost $59.93, 2 XYZ-501 Lancers with RIta would cost $31.21, The moon buggy with Alice  would cost $10.00, and the X-502 Moth with Janet would cost like $15.87 


I hope this Project of mine would be approved

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