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Kingdoms Modular Castle


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This Kingdom's Castle set will provide hours and hours of engaging play. It really is modular and can easily be reconfigured into almost countless different castles in seconds, even by young hands. Each new version will inspire the mind to buy another set in order to make a closed fortress or to build that tower just one story taller.

The modules are based on 4x8 and 8x8 plates. These universally interchangeable small modules connect together by 2 Lego technic pins or by the clutch of a few studs to secure the piece on top.

There are 5 main module types in this set.

Room modules - can be used to make walls, towers and rooms. Large arched openings allow plenty of space to reach in and pose a minifig or stage your own scene.

Balcony modules - are clipped into the side of the room modules to create more battlement play space.

Battlement modules - are placed on top of the room or balcony modules to provide a good stable play surface.

Bridge modules – are used to connect rooms and balconies together to create more play space or open archways between rooms.

Roof modules – are placed on top of any room to create a decorative finish to a tower

Each module type has several versions for variety and to give the little builder more options on how to combine the modules for new unique castles. 

This modular system and castle set was designed to provide lots of play surfaces both within the rooms and on top of the battlements. Each module was carefully designed to be tough enough to be picked up and moved to its new place without breaking or pulling bricks off of the rest of the castle.  This modular castle system has gone through countless hours of kid play testing and redesigning for good playability and durability. 

The first few pictures above show a few of the many castle versions that can be built with the included set of modules.

The next group of pictures demonstrates what the modules each look like and demonstrates how they fit together.  Each room module has a set of 2 Lego Technic pin holes at the top of each side. This allows the room modules to be connected to each other on any side. A wall can quickly become a room or a hallway.

Also, notice the close up of the top of the room modules. each room module has round 1x1 plates in the corner to hold the next module in the right place and an exposed stud between each corner to provide something for the battlement or room to clutch to.

Decorative items like flags and ivy are included to cover the unused holes that allow the modules to be secured together.

The last group of pictures are different examples of castle versions you could build with multiple sets or incorporating additional modules that are not included in this set. The module with the working portcullis that will also operate the drawbridge is not currently included in this set. 

Depending on how large Lego would want to make this set, there are more module types that I have designed that can be viewed on MocPages. Search for “Lego Modular Castle” or go directly to

If you are interested in seeing a video demonstrating how these modules quickly click together to make many different castles search for “Lego Modular Castle” on Youtube or go directly to

This modular castle system will also be on display and demonstrated at Brickcon 2015 in Seatle