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Truck Surf Hotel


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This is the amazing Truck Surf Hotel in LEGO. It is a 2 week-long project, having a vigorous design and a complex build. This Truck, from Danielle and Eduardo, is really one of the most innovatively expanding RVs.

Why I made this:
I made this because people loved surfing. I also made this because people liked this RV. This Truck Surf Hotel was really an interesting hotel on wheels, being a transformable 2 story RV. Making this in LEGO was really complicated. I had to figure out how to make the transforming house section work well (without crushing anything above or below). Even though it was a pain in the back, I was glad I finished it and people would like it.

Why it would be a nice set:
Why would this be a nice LEGO set? Well, it might be a nice scenery set. It could be displayed for some beachy things. I don't know. My purpose here is just to show how impossible things can get with making LEGO RVs! If this would become a set, I guess it would be a nice model to go on the shelf. And by the way, it's bigger than you think... (2,000 pieces, 1:29 scale)

This LEGO Truck Surf Hotel can do many things. It has openable exterior storage, a functioning interior, and a transformable house section. It also has a nice cab and openable doors. There are stickers everywhere on this LEGO Truck Surf Hotel because that's how it's like on the real truck. It even has paintings on the inside!
The Truck Surf Hotel comes in 2 sections - the chassis + cab and the house section. The house section is by itself and is just a box. The chassis is built on a real chassis and everything attaches to it. This whole thing was complex but was done.

Watch my video of this to see more cool stuff! (this is the updated video)

Total Parts: 1853
Total Lots: 296
Total Sticker Parts: 18
Width (Extended): 24.1
Width (Retracted): 22.2
Length (Extended): 52.6
Length (Retracted): 48.8
Height (Extended): 26
Height (Retracted: 17.2
Width (Extended): 7.6
Width (Retracted): 7
Length (Extended):16.6
Length (Retracted): 15.4
Height (Extended): 8.2
Height (Retracted: 5.4
Weight: 63.915 Ounces

My goal for this idea is for it to reach 1,000 supports. Help me achieve my goal by sharing and supporting this! It would be a great help. Remember my motto... where art and RVs take place... to show that RVs are great...

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