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Ram 3500 Camper


Introducing the Ram 3500 Camper. This set has everything you need to spend the weekend in the woods. When you walk in the rear door, there is a wet bath to the right, and a small kitchen to the right. The wet bath has a shower and toilet. There is also a small table that can be turned into a bed by taking out the 2x2 brick. Behind the bathroom, there is a cupboard and some drawers to store your clothes and other things in. Then, there are two small steps to help you to the elevated bedroom. The bedroom features a checkered quilt. Outside, there is even a light so you can go out side at night. The camper can easily be removed and sit on the four available post. The camper sits on a Ram 3500 dually chassis. After removing the camper, this truck can be used for any job around Lego City.

A big thanks to Azog The Defiler for the special render.

This set would sell for about $30 US currency based on parts.

Thanks to all of the supporters. Don't forget to share on social media and other Lego websites to make this little dream a huge reality.

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