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Bat-Planning Table


The key to successfully defeating villains is planning and with this set you can help Batman plan out how to stop any or all of his major villains. Comes with the Bat-planning table; several micro-scale craft; and several characters. The Bat-planning table has map of part of Gotham including: a pet shop; a column-mounted statue; Wayne Manor and the Bat-Cave; a school; a block of flats; and much more. Characters are Bane, and Clayface as minifigures; and Catwoman, Mr Freeze, the Riddler, Harley Quinn, the Joker, Two-face, Batgirl, Batman, and Robin in micro-scale. Craft are the Batwing, the Batmobile, the Joker's car, Harley Quinn's giant hammer car, the Riddler's car, Mr Freeze's car, Catwoman's massive robotic cat, and a giant missile.

I decided to build this set to fill some time between projects but soon realized how cool it was. I think this would make a good set because it contains all the major Batman villains.

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