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LK-9394 V20 project

Love futuristic stuff? And cars? And Legos? Then you will love the creation! The model has a cool steering function and some cool pieces. It contains around 300 to 400 pieces, both classic Legos and the Technic ones to make it strong, sturdy, and light.

The V20 actually has a suspension system, that works when someone or something presses down on the top of the car. It also has a road baseplate, it is shown in the picture above, if this were to be a Lego set, and it has a steering function, which can be used by turning a knob on the back,, and to top that all, it includes a few cool Lego pieces, including two pieces with the name of the car on them.

The V20 supercar is designed for builders 9-12 years of age, but anyone older can still build it! It requires muscle to put it together, but not that much. The car is sturdy and strong and can only break if dropped from a high place, or sat on and crushed, OR played with to roughly ( crashing it very hard, punching it from the side, etc.).

Above is the whole impressive steering function, made entirely of Technic pieces and it is protected by a wall of Lego bricks on the side, and a removable hood on the top of the car, covering the whole thing from the top of the car ( The hood is not shown in the picture, but I think you can figure out how it looks like by referring to the main photograph ). The steering is strong and sturdy and is reliable.

The photo above shows the rare and cool pieces from the V20. The pieces on the left have the name of the car on them, they are from the Lego Technic Jet Plane. There are also some headlights from the Technic Tractor set, the gear is from the Lego Battery Box set, and the joysticks and the 1x1 plate with print on are just to decorate the supercar.

Bottom of the V20 supercar, held together by two 1x13 pieces and two 1x11 Technic pieces, to make the connections and car strong, and to make the car lightweight.

Who knew the back of the V20 looked so awesome?

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