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Funicular Railway - Observation Tower

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This is an Observation tower for LEGO visitors to watch over the surrounding area and take in the Vista, It is accessed by a Funicular Railway with two Gondolas which is powered by a single M motor. The Model includes a vast amount of detailing; from mounted binoculars and Information Boards, to a functioning Replica of a Prototype winding gear:

Here you can see the two main Wheels that control the motion of the two cars. There is also a built in mechanism which automatically stops the drive when one of the trains reaches the bottom station. The trains are activated by the leaver in the operators booth:

The Leaver, which can be seen next to the operator mini figure, with the yellow end will start the two gondolas moving up and down the track. Also in the picture you can see the sound Block which when pressed makes a ringing bell sound, to replicate the signal bell to indicate that the train is about to set off.

In this picture you can see the top of the tower, with its binoculars and information boards (hopefully if this set is produced then they will get images printed on them). The set will include at least 4 mini figures (two Operators and two tourists).

The set itself 1400 bricks putting the projected cost near the £/$100 mark.

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