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Lego DC Super Heroes: The Bat Racer

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This is my edition of "The Bat Racer". It's a very detailed and cool vehicle based on a combination of a sports car and the bat-mobile.

It has all the sleek designs of a sports car, then I tried adding features of the bat-mobile. In the end, I created the Bat Racer. I gone though many versions of the vehicle stability, design and details.

At the both sides of the Bat Racer are small bat wings which is use to add control to the vehicle especially when turning at high speed. If you look closely at the Bat Racer's front, you can see that it look like a bat face. If you like it, please support!

Front View: Totally no studs, with air vents on the top of the engine.

Side View: Bat wing for additional side maneuvering control.

Rear view - Super boosters of the Bat Racer.

Cockpit View: Steering wheel based on comic based classic bat-mobiles.

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