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SUPERCELL Clash Of Clans Lv.8 Town Hall


Supercell's hit game Clash of Clans is finally created into a LEGO set! This is the Lv.8 town hall. 

There's something inside:

-Some weapons

-A chest of gold coins

-Some bottle of elixir

-A map to plan out the next raid

-A painting of a P.E.K.K.A (the troops are studying whether it is a knight, a samurai or a robot)


The gold coins beside were suppose to go inside the chest. (Because I'm using the LEGO Digital Designer Extended, so the gold coins may not go into the chest.)

It's just a building here, about the minifigs, it's in the next project "The Barrack and the Army Camp".

Please support it if you like it!


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