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Alpin Mountain Lodge


Hello Lego Fans!

Some time ago I heard the first austrian Lego Store in Vienna was successfully opened. To celebrate this event, there were two minifigs at the stores availible. Specially designed with traditional austrian outfits.

These minifigs were the spark to my idea to build them a nice and typical home, especially because we spent an impressive autumn holiday last year in Austria.

I am convinced, if you take a vacation at the Alpin Mountains, you will surely find huts or lodges like mine in the villages of Germany, Switzerland, Austria or even Italy,

I hope you appreciate my details like the water pump and basin outside as well as the two furnaces inside. And there is enough space left in the lodge for your very own ideas of furniture to make it comfortable. To increase the play value, a big part of the rear wall section can be opened.

Now it's on to you. Thanks for your comments and support.

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