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Park Fountain


The drought and dry heat in Lego City has made many worry about the fresh water supply. City officials decided to come up with an innovative solution. They wanted to send a message that they had control over environmental concerns. Their solution is the park fountain.

The park fountain functions to beautify the city. The fountain also works to add humidity into the air. Anyone that is near the fountain can feel the cool moist air it provides. As the people of Lego City looked around, they saw more water and worried less about how much water there was. There were over two hundred fountains that were installed around the city.

After a year of introducing the fountains, Lego City has noticed an increase of bird and wild cat populations. The city launched an investigation into the problem. Scientists found that providing water in the city brought in animals that relied on this resource to live. The animals adapted to their new environments and could look forward to eating food that fell out of the hands of park visitors.