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High-altitude Air Speeder

--Set Description--
It is what the name suggests: a high-altitude air-speeder. It was designed by me, using bricks from set 7292, as well as a few other random parts. It would be cool to have it rebuild into an alternate model, but so far I don't have one. If this starts getting enough supports to bother, I will design an alternate model.

--First 10 Supporters (excluding me)--
1 @george.adams
2 @OleGandalf
3 @cooldynamite
4 @icookdragonz
5 @Brikcreator
6 @elitethan
7 @cq0917
8 @Paulus
9 @happytoy
10 @cote2

-Twin air-jet propulsion units
-Clip for blaster/other weapon
-Joystick steering system
-Comfortable seat

Maximum speed: 320 m.p.h. (515 k.p.h.)
Length: approx. 6.5 in. (16.5 cm)
Price: approx. 14.99 (USD)

Click here to see it on Flickr.

--Some Pictures of the Model--

Box design, made using Blender 3D and GIMP.

--Important Message :-)--
If you like this, and think that you or anyone else would buy it, support! And there's a very good chance that I will look at your project(s) if you support mine. Support and help make this an official set!

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