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Roman Outpost


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Roman Outpost

 I have designed a set based around one of the best minifigures… The Roman Legionary!

My set is based on a Roman outpost, where the Legionaries can patrol and protect the outskirt boarders of the nearby town ‘Legondis’, The stone walled outpost includes an armoury and sleeping quarters, these can be accessed by removing them from the main tower by siding them out like a drawer.

This set includes:

Maximus… The happiest Legionary you will ever meet. Maximus enjoys his food and can be counted on, to cook the meals on the camp fire.

Brutus… A care free man, who likes to fish in the river and spend his days doodling in the sun.

Clive… Clive lives to serve and he takes his job very seriously, he has a keen eye for detail. There’s a saying amongst the Legions of the Roman Army and that’s “If there is job that needs doing… Give it to Clive!”


All three minifigures are dressed as Roman Commanders, I personally like this look but by removing the plume from two of the helmets, we can have a more historically accurate set, with one commander and two legionaries’.

Note: Please forgive the terrible rendering on the minifigures in the images, I will try and provide an update soon with better images.

This set is fairly easy to build but it does take time, especially building the walls but this provides an opportunity for people to own more than on set, as the walls are made from columns of 2x1 and 1x1 bricks, stacked 7 high and can be placed in any order to customise the look of the tower and give each one a slightly individual look. This design can also be used as a castle theme set with any fraction of current or past knights, personally though I really would like to see a Roman theme.

Unfortunately the LDD program has problems building this structure, as the angles for the 2x1 flat hinges need to be perfect, this is something that is not an issue in real life as the hinges will naturally assume the correct angles. I had to improvise on a few sections as the program would not place a certain tile or brick due to this issue, if this idea was to be successful then these inconsistencies would be corrected.


Please view the images and help me reach the big 10k, by supporting my idea!

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